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BARR WARS #2 (1989) (Donna Barr and Friends) (1)

BARR WARS #2 (1989) (Donna Barr and Friends) (1)

$ 9.95

for Mature Readers (occasional language) 

BARR WARS #2 ($9.95) An early furry fanzine in which various and sundry artists toss amusing comments at each other through cartooning, usually picking on each other's characters. Features cartoons by Barr, Karno, Capriola, Groat, Higgs, Hinkley, Rondeau, Ruggles, Schricker, Johnson, Terrie Smith, Sherlock and Colleen Winters. Cover by Kjartan KARNO Arnorsson.  

1989        40 pages (including covers) 8-1/2x11 b&w 

This is our only copy.