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Complete YARF! Vol. 1 through #4 SET (2010-2018)

Complete YARF! Vol. 1 through #4 SET (2010-2018)

$ 57.95 

for Mature Readers

The COMPLETE YARF! Vol. 1 through Vol. 4 SET ($57.95) 'The Journal of Applied Anthropomorphics'. Get all four collected volumes!

     Collects issue #1 through #20 from the early '90's. Includes everything from the original editions including editorials, ads, etc. Furry text stories, comics and illustrations from many creators, including Monika, Gibson, Grant, Nunnemacher, Patten, Sample, Verre and many others.

2010-2018      four 280 pages  b&w softcover from Jarlidium Press

Each volume is also sold individually.