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CRITTER COMMANDOS (1989) (Paul Arden Lidberg) (1)

CRITTER COMMANDOS (1989) (Paul Arden Lidberg) (1)

$ 9.95

CRITTER COMMANDOS ($9.95) by Paul Arden Lidberg. Furry game complete with complete rules for animal-to-animal combat, an extensive equipment list, complete rules for GIANT animal robots, 140 cardstock counters (which have to be cut out). Endless fun in the Wacky World of Anthropomorphic Miniatures! Also requires but are NOT INCLUDED: 1 six and 1 12-sided die and a 12 inch ruler. 

Illustrations by Ken Mitcheroney, Mike McMurry, Jim Groat & Chuck Matheny. Cover by Ken Mitcheroney. 

1989        30 pages  8-1/2x11 b&w softcover from Crunchy Frog Enterprises 

This is our only copy.