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EXTINCTIONERS ORIGINS #1 Preview Edition (no date) (Shawntae Howard) (1)

EXTINCTIONERS ORIGINS #1 Preview Edition (no date) (Shawntae Howard) (1)

$ 19.95

for Mature Readers

EXTINCTIONERS ORIGINS #1 PREVIEW Edition ($19.95) Shawntae Howard. Features ROAD TO EXTINCTION Part 1. This was a b&w ANTHROCON preview copy for the later-published color comic from Angry Viking Press.

Welcome to Alden, a world full of diverse sentient species large and small. The world of Alden was created by the Makers: beings believed by the people of Alden to be of immense power and compassion, giving the passion for life and drive for knowledge to first Humanimals. Or so they were led to believe. The story of the Makers passed down over generations and their benevolence was a lie. In truth, the Humanimals are nothing more than an experiment of an old, dying race nearing its last gasp, struggling to survive after a time of great war, tragedy and pain. It's one thing to believe in your gods' existence... it's another to know they exist and are coming and that your extinction is coming...

This item is long out of print. This is our only copy.

(pre- 2009)       32 pages  8-1/2x11 b&w