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FURRY PLANET: A World Gone Wild (2023) (Joe Strike)

FURRY PLANET: A World Gone Wild (2023) (Joe Strike)

$ 24.95 

Some material may not be suitable for younger children. 

FURRY PLANET: A World Gone Wild ($24.95) by Joe Strike. Joe's sequel to 2017’s Furry Nation. Like its predecessor, Furry Planet covers furry art, fursuits, “remarkable” furs and their creations…simply put, the amazing variety of ways furries express themselves. Furries aren’t the only ones who express themselves via anthropomorphic imagery; creators of popular culture and the fine arts also explore anthropomorphism in their work; you can find their creations onscreen, onstage, in libraries, art galleries and museums. Furry Planet’s chapters give equal time to these creators and their creations—and reveal how their work mirrors furry self-expression. This hardcover volume consists primarily of text and includes a color and black & white art section featuring photographs and artwork from both furry and mainstream creators. 

2023       285 page hardcover book from Apollo Publishers