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KEVIN & KELL. #8: Carrots and Sticks (2003) (Bill Holbrook) (1)

KEVIN & KELL. #8: Carrots and Sticks (2003) (Bill Holbrook) (1)

$ 12.95

KEVIN & KELL #8: Carrots and Sticks ($12.95) by Bill Holbrook. With the utmost of good intentions, Kell ventures into the secret world of rabbits in an attempt to reunite Kevin with his estranged family. Little does she know that the warren is infinitely more complex than she thought, with dangers that even an experienced predator like herself needs help in facing. In this eight collection we also experience Corrie and Fiona's slumber party, a change of ownership at Hare-Link ISP, a visit from the Application of Christmas Past and Tammy the moth laying an egg!

2003       128 pages  color 8x9-1/4 softcover from Plan Nine Publishing

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