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NORTH AMERICAN FUR. #36 (Summer 2017)

NORTH AMERICAN FUR. #36 (Summer 2017)

$ 18.95 

This is only available to grownup humans.

NORTH AMERICAN FUR #35 ($18.95) features furry illustrations, comics and text stories by Zannah, Giles, Dorrycott. Foxy, Chromatophore, Simmer the Lizard, Aleutia, Buttenshaw, Kennedy, Foxene, Nut-Case, Hughes, Owens, Tied Tigress, Losiniecki, Marcinkevicius, Reed, Breshears, Thompson, Kalahari, Inkpawz, Immortal Panda, Madison, Ross, Pounds, Canaan, Bolton, Tyvara. Cover by Nut-Case.

Summer 2017        304 pages  6x9 b&w with many color pages softcover from Jarlidium Press