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TALES OF THE TAI-PAN UNIVERSE. #25 - Silver Edition (2000) (1)

TALES OF THE TAI-PAN UNIVERSE. #25 - Silver Edition (2000) (1)

$ 3.99 

for Mature Readers

TALES OF THE TAI-PAN UNIVERSE #25 - SILVER EDITION ($3.99) anthropomorphic text stories with illustrations featuring MERCY by Melville & Coleman, DO YOU HEAR? by Breshears & Fletcher, THE RIFT by Melville & Vick, ANNIVERSARY BASH, Chapter 8: WHERE THE STORM DRIVES ME by Melville, Davis, Breshears, Cornish, Woolard & Pschirrer, OUT OF PLACE, Chapter 4: VARIANT ANALYSIS by Breshears & Carpenter, THE WATER OF LIFE by Breshears & Terrie Smith, and art by Coleman, Cummings, Nilsson, Johnson, Laverdiere, Morgan, Woolard, Young, Zawitaj. Cover by David Zawitaj.

2000       80 pages  8-1/2x11 b&w spiral bound from The Tai-Pan Literary & Arts Project