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$ 12.95

for Mature Readers

ALTERNATE REALMS #2 ($12.95) features furry and futuristic text stories with illustrations. THE INFLUENCE OF THE MOON by Hoover, ANGEL'S CURSE by Colbert, art by Wong, DANGEROUS CHILD by D.A. Graf, art by Breakey, HAPPY ENDING by Hornbostler, art by Miller, OVERTURE by Gill, art by Terrie Smith, PLANS GONE AWRY by Edmiston, art by Greywolf, ROLL ME AWAY by Rhoades. Cover by Derryl L. Munro.

This item is long out of print. These are our last 2 copies.

January 1994      110 pages  8-1/2x11 b&w comb bound from Tigerwing Press