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CRITTERS. #38 (1989) (Sakai, Barr, White, more) (1)

CRITTERS. #38 (1989) (Sakai, Barr, White, more) (1)

$ 3.99

CRITTERS #38 ($3.99) featuring Dippy Ditties in THE HOT DOG by DeStefano, Usagi Yojimbo in THE TANGLED SKEIN by Sakai, Angst in SOUP TO NUTS, Blue Beagle in MISTER DINGY'S NEIGHBORHOOD by Fuller, Fission Chicken in TOILETS OF TERROR by Morgan, Stinz in PRIOR ENGAGEMENTS by Barr, Coyote in THE JAR OF TRUTH by White. Cover by Stan Sakai.

July 1989       48 pages  b&w comic from Fantagraphics