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MONSTER: The Early Years of Jack Salem (2007) (Roz Gibson)

MONSTER: The Early Years of Jack Salem (2007) (Roz Gibson)

$ 13.95 

for Mature Readers (violence, language, mature themes)

MONSTER: The Early Years of Jack Salem ($13.95) by Roz Gibson. How does the son of perfectly normal parents turn into one of the most feared serial killers in future New York? This story covers Jack Salem's early life, from his early childhood to the start of his reign of terror as the .357 Killer. An exceptionally gifted youngster, Jack allows himself to be consumed by the predatory instincts of his animal ancestors, until no one around him is safe. His frightened parents send him to a boarding school to get him out of the house while his baby brother is born, and that is when the killing starts… 

Features the artwork of JC Amberlyn, Eugene Arenhaus, Aisha Gaillard, Roz Gibson, David Hopkins, Claire Hummel, Summer Jackson, Karena Klieforth, Kliefox, Renee LeCompte, Lysozyme, Kylen Miles, Cara Mitten, Mulefoot, Nduli, Scott A.H. Ruggels, Terrie Smith and Synnabar.

2007           86 pages  8-1/2x11 b&w softcover from FurPlanet Productions