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The CITY OF ICE and other JACK SALEM titles by Roz Gibson

     THE CITY OF ICE by Roz Gibson (for Mature Readers - violence) In the future, Earth will be abandoned by humans and left to the nonhumans, who are ill-prepared for self-rule. 50 years before the time of Jack Salem, fed up with centuries of violence and stagnation, Jet (an unpleasant human), and the young and ambitious furry governor Reezon leave New York City for the planet Maxwell in search of an ancient device which will end all the problems.  THE CITY OF ICE is currently being reprinted in a new 7-issue edition. We still have a few of the original edition volumes (which went 8 issues) available, listed below.

       Gibson's titles featuring JACK SALEM are also listed here. (Some JACK SALEM titles contain Adult themes and/or graphic violence)