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Welcome to SECOND ED

        WE'RE ALL ONE BIG ONLINE STORE NOW!! If you've been using our second-ed-online Store, it's been relocated here. Yes, it's all under one roof, we hope you'll find that to be more convenient! If we're new to you, well, we've been serving anthropomorphics, furry and GOLD DIGGER fans since 2003. We currently have over 2,500 products for your consideration (many are hard-to-find) and will have lots more in the near future, so please check in regularly! 

       JUST IN - - - - - BIG HEALTHY GIRLS #5 by Karno, NORTH AMERICAN FUR #35 and IRRATIONAL FEARS hardcover Edition by Ursula Vernon!

       The menu on the left of your screen is filled with links, each containing a drop-down menu. Some  drop-downs have many links, so you might have to scroll down a bit to see them all. GOLD DIGGER is at the top followed by ANTHROPOMORPHIC titles. If you don't see a title (like GENUS, etc.) listed, check out 'Adult Anthropomorphics' which is further down on the list. You'll likely find it in there, along with a full listing of Karno's titles

      SHIPPING CHARGES - $2.00 for US orders up to $24.99 but still FREE SHIPPING for US orders totaling $25.00 or more! Such a bargain! This includes Military addresses, too.

      CANADA - flat rate of $19.95 per order (not per item), so load up! If you live anywhere else besides the USA or Canada, please email us before ordering. Be warned - the USPS recently raised international mailing rates and they have gone up outrageously. Our apologies to all of our International customers.  

      Drop in anytime! The Store is always open.