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XANADU: ACROSS DIAMOND SEAS Collected Volume (1998) (Vicky Wyman)

XANADU: ACROSS DIAMOND SEAS Collected Volume (1998) (Vicky Wyman)

$ 19.95

for Mature Readers

XANADU: ACROSS DIAMOND SEAS Collected Volume ($19.95) by Vicky Wyman, with inks by Monika Livingstone. Sequal to XANADU: THIEF OF HEARTS. This volume collects the complete 5 issues of the comic book series, plus material published in EVER-CHANGING PALACE #5, 6 and 8.

     Xanadu is a land of mystery and beauty, filled with colorful inhabitants and strange creatures. This is also a land filled with hidden dangers and great power. The young Empress Alicia has barely survived the first challenge to her brief reign. Her quest to do away with the rigid class structure that has ruled their society for thousands of years survived, but at great cost to her friends and allies. When an invitation to the Golden Realm's two-thousandth birthday celebration of their Golden Dragon Queen arrived, Alicia thinks a quiet vacation in the exotic East is just what they need. Little does she know how much the journey itself will change her forever!

1998        136 pages  b&w 6-3/4x10-1/4 paperback from LX, Ltd.