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PANKU-PONK! #1 through #6 SET (1999-2000) (Tachiri Haruko) (1)

PANKU-PONK! #1 through #6 SET (1999-2000) (Tachiri Haruko) (1)

$ 14.95 

CAUTION: This series has some GRAPHIC GROSS-OUT HUMOR that may not be appropriate for younger children. 

NOTE: The first half of the comics is in English. The second half, reading from back to front, has the same stories in Japanese. 

PANKU-PONK! #1 through #6 ($14.95) by Tackiri Haruko. Get all 6 issues- the complete set- in one go! Humor comics featuring Bonnie and Mark and their strange Panku friend. 

Each issue is individually bagged and boarded. 

1999-2000         six 32 page b&w comics from Ironcat 

This is our only set.