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VIXEN'S KEEP (1995) (Morgan & Wallace)

VIXEN'S KEEP (1995) (Morgan & Wallace)

$ 5.95

VIXEN'S KEEP ($5.95) by C. A. Morgan and Mark Wallace. "It's a man's world" is a dictum that Captain Rose will not accept, and a challenge that she cannot refuse. In defiance of the status quo, she has established a very unusual school for would-be fighters - for women only. But Captain Rose's curriculum is as different as it is thorough, and her students soon learn that the only great enemy they must face is often themselves. Features THE GAGE by Wallace, OLD SCARS by Morgan and Wallace, and COUNTER CHANGE by Morgan, Wallace and Margaret Carspecken. Cover by Phil Morrissey.

1995      96 pages  6-1/2x10-1/4 b&w softcover from MU Press