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$ 12.95

ALBEDO: REFRACTIONS #2 ($12.95) 'An ALBEDO Omnibus" Text stories, illustrations and cartoons celebrating Steve Gallacci's ALBEDO series. Features IN THE BEGINNING by Chandler, THE FIRST YEARS: CONTINUING THE HISTORY OF ARRAS CHARKA by Gallacci, THE FULL MEASURE by White, 2TIGER2 by Hudson, Hendricks & Ritchie, VACUUM OF SPACE by Brady, E.D.F. COSTUMING - LIEUTENANT ONI VOLTOK: A CASE STUDY by Woltz, EXOGENESIS, PART II by Foldhazi, GURPS ALBEDO: A Guide to Roleplaying in the ALBEDO Universe using GURPS by Slonkier, COURIER by Bartels, TAKING by Van Wie. Cover by Steve Gallacci.


1994        52 pages 8-1/2x11 b&w