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BOON SHOW CD-ROM, The (2009) (Kjartan KARNO Anorsson & Paul Lenoue)

BOON SHOW CD-ROM, The (2009) (Kjartan KARNO Anorsson & Paul Lenoue)

$ 7.95 

for Mature Readers

THE BOON SHOW CD-ROM ($7.95) by Kjartan KARNO Arnorsson and Paul Lenoue. Collects the full-length (33pp) THE NASTY AFFAIR OF THE BRA CANNON featuring the wanna-be hero Fred Teaspoon and a cast of many. England, WWII: The Brits plan to fire bras at the Germans in order to distract them and invade Germany. Also includes THE GREAT OTTAWA PIGGY BANK CAPER (11 pages). These were originally published in the BOON SHOW book, which is now out of print.

And, new to this collection, 31 audio files featuring the original GOON SHOW from the early 1950's - classic off-the-wall Brit humour at its off-the-wallest! (Appropriate audio software is necessary to hear these files.)

2009       4/5/8" disc in jewel case from Karno's Klassics