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CANTRIP THE MAGIC RABBIT (2013) (Howell & Gibson)

CANTRIP THE MAGIC RABBIT (2013) (Howell & Gibson)

$ 8.95 

CANTRIP THE MAGIC RABBIT ($8.95) by Shon Howell and Phil Gibson. Strange things are happening in Templarsville, Oklahoma. The students at Julius Schwartz Memorial High are abuzz about the new girl, Candice Tripp. They say there's something unusual about her, possibly unnatural. Of course, the fact that she was discovered in an abandoned house outside of town with complete amnesia lends itself well to these types of fanciful imagination. With her new friends, Candice will learn what it's like to live in a normal town, until her very un-normal past comes back to haunt her! Plus: early sketches.

2013       184 pages  8-1/4x12 b&w softcover