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CRITTERS. #11 (1987) (Sakai, Kazaleh, more)

CRITTERS. #11 (1987) (Sakai, Kazaleh, more)

$ 3.99

CRITTERS #11 ($3.99) Extra-large issue featuring USAGI YOJIMBO: HOMECOMING Part 2 by Sakai, DINOSAURS: AT THE BAR by Templeton, CHUCK THAT DUCK: SUPER SANTA by Armstrong, LIONHEART: DETENTE by Stazer, DRAGONS: FLYING by Holland & Wilber, DE GRAND WA-ZOO: VACUUM CLEANER SALESMAN by Kieth, GNUFF: ORVA FOREVER by Milton, DOG BOY: DOOG BOOG by Lafler, BORIS & MORRIS: SANTA CLAUS VS. THE BATS by Kazalleh. Cover by Ken Macklin.

April 1987       64 pages  b&w comic from Fantagraphics Books