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DREAMWEAVERS: The Trinity Saga (2007) (JD Calderon)

DREAMWEAVERS: The Trinity Saga (2007) (JD Calderon)

$ 9.95 

DREAMWEAVERS: The Trinity Saga ($9.95) by JD Calderon, writer of the TALL TAILS series. Mouse, Armourdillo, Acrobatt, and Snowflake: these are the names of the mystics, a team of interdimensional demon hunters that are dragged from their world to New York City every night as four dreaming children Thomas, Randy, Blake and Linda take possession of their bodies. With good cause as the Trinity of Pilox, a group of demon lords, attempt to take over the world. Cover by Matt Lunsford.
2007       150 pages  b&w softcover from Dream Weaver Press