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GOLD DIGGER Vol. 3. #300 (2023) (Fred Perry)

GOLD DIGGER Vol. 3. #300 (2023) (Fred Perry)

$ 2.49 

GOLD DIGGER Vol. 3 #300 ($2.49)  by Fred Perry. FINALE...   

This is the regular edition with cover by Fred Perry. 

Also included: a GALLERY of 7 different cover images for this issue from Espinosa, Daughtry, Hunt, Sais, Wight, Denham and Perez.    

2023          40 pages  color comic from Antarctic Press 

We've heard from the publisher that there will be an issue #301 which will be the final issue for the regular GOLD DIGGER series. Creator Fred Perry plans to continue creating GOLD DIGGER special editions and mini-series.