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HORSE OF MANY COLOURS, A (2012) (Michael Bard)

HORSE OF MANY COLOURS, A (2012) (Michael Bard)

$ 12.95 

for Mature Readers

A HORSE OF MANY COLOURS ($12.95) by Michael Bard. From generation ships to unicorns and from the psychology of the costumed performer to the carefully-calculated excape velocity of a bunny-taur, these are the worlds of the noted 'furry' author Michael bard! Come and ride along with the Galactic Patrol, construct a dragon miniature that has a mind of its own, and learn what it means to be trapped in the role of a method actor for the rest of time. Michael was taken from us too early - he passed away unexpectedly in 2012 at the age of 44, but his dreams live on in this volume to be enjoyed by the reat of us forevermore! Cover by Heather Bruton.

2012       420 pages  b&w softcover from Anthropomorphic Dreams Publishing