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MANIFEST DESTINY (2012) (Phil Geusz)

MANIFEST DESTINY (2012) (Phil Geusz)

$ 17.95 

for Mature Readers

MANIFEST DESTINY ($17.95) by Phil Geusz. Freedom City is a metropolis founded upon dreams, a place created by men and women who believe that there are limits neither to what forms humanity can take nor to that which it can achieve. Here, it's of little consequence whether a person is a five foot walking rabbit, a beautiful tigress, or a consciousness floating free inside a machine. Consisting of a series of platforms built above the sparkling Caribbean, Freedom City is in many ways an entirely new world dedicated to promoting innovation and freeing the human spirit. Despite its admitted warts the City has become Earth's economic and technological beacon, standing head and shoulders above second-best. Cover by Werepuppy.

2012       306pp b&w softcover from FurPlanet