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NEW FABLES Summer 2007 (short stories) (1)

NEW FABLES Summer 2007 (short stories) (1)

$ 14.95

NEW FABLES Summer 2007 ($14.95) 'Wild Literature for the Modern World'. Short text stories and poems ranging from fantasy to mythic to science fiction, using animal characters. Featuring LADY RAVEN AND THE FALCON PRINCE by Payne, TRANSFORMATIONS by Geusz, WE HAVEN'T DIED OUT JUST YET by Campbell, CHANGES FOR THE BETTER by Frane, BEGGARS CHOOSE by Barrette, COYOTE KEEPS HIS DATE by Cowan, A NON-BIODEGRADABLE FOX by Campbell, CARIBOU AND THE SUN AND MOON by Palmer, THE SHIFTING SANDS by Susman. Cover by Ursula Husted.


2007        122 pages  5x8 softcover from Sofawolf Press