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ODDBALLZ #1 through #8 SET (2002/2003) (Trondheim & Lacenet) (1)

ODDBALLZ #1 through #8 SET (2002/2003) (Trondheim & Lacenet) (1)

$ 22.95

ODDBALLZ #1 through #8 SET ($22.95) by Lewis Trondheim and Manu Larcenet. Two European humor comics! In McConey Foils a Scheme, an anthropomorphic rabbit faces a moral quandary after finding a million dollars in a bag on the street. Astronauts of the Future features Martina and Gil, two precocious genius children who are convinced that everyone else in the world is either a robot or an alien. 

Get all 8 issues - the complete SET - in one go!

Each issue is individually bagged and boarded 

2002/2003       eight 24 page b&w comics from NBM  

This is our only complete set.