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STONE EGG, The (2007) (JD Calderon)

STONE EGG, The (2007) (JD Calderon)

$ 9.95 

for Mature Readers

The STONE EGG ($9.95) by JD Calderon, writer of the TALL TAILS series. It was an ordinary night in the ordinary life of young pro-boxer Edwin Garcia when he stumbles into a world of gargoyles, fairies and drakes. Trapped in an old apartment Edwin discovers Rodney, a gargoyle who needs to get to the Florida Keys with his eggs before a strange organization called the Brotherhood of the Chamber can stop them. Racing between two worlds Edwin and Rodney do their best to evade the Brotherhood while trying to keep Rodley's family safe from the thieving hands of elves, pix and other gargoyles who wish to use the unhatched gargoyles for their own plans. Cover by Matthew Lunsford.

2007      160pp b&w softcover from Dream Weaver Press