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TALL TAILS: Or So I Thought #1 (2023, full color) (Calderon & Lage)

TALL TAILS: Or So I Thought #1 (2023, full color) (Calderon & Lage)

$ 9.95 

TALL TAILS: OR SO I THOUGHT #1 ($9.95) by Calderon & Lage featuring Gabriel in a prequel to the Thieves' Quest series. Gabriel was a young music student dreaming of entertaining the courts of the realm. Instead he found himself captured in a barbarian raid and forced into war and brutality. Escaping his captives, Gabriel ends up in a village also threatened by the barbarians that chase him, but this time he has the help of a Kreston Knight with an enchanted blade that will be a bigger part of his life than he ever imagined.

This was previously published in digest form in 2014 and as a b&w comic in 2017. This edition has the same contents but is in FULL COLOR.

2023     40 pages   color paperback from Dream Weaver Press