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Webcomic Archive #5: DSV NAUTICA (2010) (Rei Vegan)

Webcomic Archive #5: DSV NAUTICA (2010) (Rei Vegan)

$ 4.00

Webcomic Archive #5: DSV NAUTICA ($4.00) by Rei Vegan. Part one of a furry space adventure. In the deepest parts of our galaxy one ship ventures steadily forth. DSV Nautica takes place in our distant future, where a common gene has been discovered to have seeded life throughout the galaxy in both familiar and alien ways. Having found a place as captain of a deep space generation ship, our hero Neesah finally feels at home for the first time in her very long life. Life aboard the Nautica, however, is far from serene: strange anomalies, malevolent super-species, and pirates are standard fare for a ship so far from home. Fortunately for this ship, the captain is no pushover. Join the Nautica and see what's really out there!

March 2010       28 pages  b&w comic from Jarlidium Press